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Welcome Uranus garments site! We warmly welcome old and new friends through this window uranus garments website, understand our business, exchange information, enhance friendship, seeking cooperation. First of all, on behalf of Uranus garments of all employees, warmly welcome for your coming! Long care and support to ourpartners and friends from all walks of life to express my heartfelt thanks!

Xiangyang uranus garment Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1998, after years of development, has now grown into a has three production factories, employing more than 1200 people clothing enterprises, registered capital of 20000000 yuan, the total assets of 120000000 yuan. Design, production, processing, sales, collection of clothing as a whole, is in Xiangyang earlier in the garment processing enterprises of garment production and the largest scale,is Metersbonwe, JACK&JONES, and other well-known domestic brand clothing enterprises Jeanwest productionsuppliers.

Now, Uranus garments in the industry have a higher visibility, formed by the tooling, casual wear is dominant,diversification of product structure system to jeans, uniform, children's clothing and other products matching.Company products functional, protection, comfort, environmental protection and fashion in a body, fine workmanship, excellent quality, novel style, favored by domestic and foreign customers, the company also a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with many international customers to establish, products are exported toEurope and the United states.

The company since its inception, always adhere to the "professional, dedicated, Seiko, boutique" business principles, adhering to the "high-quality, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, the "factory of the world,the global supply" for the direction of development, to sophisticated equipment, skilled technology, sophisticated technology, superior quality, meticulous service, standardized management to create the competitive advantage of enterprises, and achieved good operating performance, won the majority of partners respect and recognition. The company is actively to establish their own clothing brand, overseas mergers and acquisitions, the development of overseas network, and strive to achieve a new leap forward development.

Uranus garments based in Xiangyang, facing the world, with practical action to carry out the enterprise the core value view, do the pursuit, conscience, sense of social responsibility of enterprises.

This year, Uranus garments listed in Wuhan equity trusteeship trading center, which is an important milepost during the development process of the company, is also a new starting point, new power. We will firmly seize this opportunity, as in the past, continue to work hard, through the promotion of core competitiveness, continue to achieve rapid growth performance, to maximize the social customers, employees and shareholders, a win-win situation! Sea memory confidant, Tianya zorpia. We hope you as in the past to care and support the uranus garment, we will be dedicated to business, will become the uranus garment with strong sustainable growth of high-quality listed companies. And invites all over the world, and seek common development, and common progress!

Xiangyang Uranus garments Limited by Share Ltd chairman Wang Shanguo

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