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talent concept: talent is the first resource in the enterprise, talent is the core force of enterprise development

people view:

Youde Youcai employment

Youde not only cultivate

No German talent to limit the use of

Germany is firmly without

labor concept: respect the use of promotion incentive

Respect is respect for employees, to employees as partners

Use is the director of personnel, the reasonable matching of staff expertise and job, let the staff expertise, show talent

Promotion to the staff to provide the space for growth, let employees continue to release, progress

To motivate the staff of each pay and give affirmation and return, get the material and spiritual incentives

Promotion: promotion salary promotion

Promotion salary.

Position the same salary promotion

The principle of the two staff promotion have both ability and political integritycannot be biased

Equal opportunity law

Ladder and promotion combination

The performance of staff promotion conditions

Performance + other

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